Guilford College Athletics Mission Statement

Guilford College's mission is to provide a transformative, practical and excellent liberal arts education that produces critical thinkers in an inclusive, diverse environment guided by the Quaker testimonies of community, equality, integrity, peace, and simplicity and emphasizing the creative problem-solving skills, experience, enthusiasm, and international perspectives necessary to promote positive change in the world.

The Guilford College Athletic Department is an integral part of the College and strives to achieve the same standard of excellence and educational value that exists throughout all disciplines of the College.

The College is committed to the principles and practices of cultural diversity, gender equity, and athletics excellence. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of the department’s operations. The philosophy of Guilford College, the Athletics Department and the NCAA III are synonymous.


Guilford College Athletics Code of Ethics

Guilford College Code of Ethics is the guideline of principles and standards set forth to direct our staff and student-athletes in maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct.
1. Coaches and student-athletes should exhibit honesty and integrity in their actions at all times.

2. Coaches and student-athletes shall treat all individuals with dignity, fairness and respect in behavior and language.

3. Coaches and student-athletes shall abide by the rules of their sport and the sport governing organization.

4. Coaches and student-athletes shall act in full accordance with institutional, Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) and NCAA rules. We support the ODAC Code of Sportsmanship and abide by NCAA Operating Bylaw, Article 10 regarding ethical conduct, honesty, sportsmanship, drugs, and gambling.

5. Coaches and student-athletes should be models of fair play.

6. Spectators at Guilford athletic events are expected to abide by the ODAC Code of Conduct.