QUAKERS Q&A WITH.... Rocco Wilcox of the Baseball Team

Rocco Wilcox '17
Rocco Wilcox '17

AD: What has it been like to carry on the Guilford legacy after both your father (John '83 - right) and your sister (Marty '15) played baseball and softball, respectively, at Guilford?

RW: It's been really good. I love that both are alums and I can't wait to be one. The fact that my dad went here was a solid reason for me to come.

AD: What have been some of your favorite memories from your time at Guilford?

RW: People who I have met here. I'll always remember winning baseball games. My favorite memory on the field has to be when we beat Randolph-Macon last year.

AD: What's it like being a senior on this year's team?

RW: One of the biggest things is to help to teach the younger guys. I try to lead by example, show them the right way, and show them by my mistakes how to improve.

AD: What is different about this year's team than the other teams you have played on?

RW: There's more energy and a more positive atmosphere. Everyone likes each other [more] this year than in other years. There are little things, not just in baseball, but in general.

AD: You played in a wood-bat league during the summer. What's the difference between playing with a wood bat and aluminum or other bat?

RW: The literal difference is that the wood has a smaller sweet spot then the aluminum bat. Unless you hit it in the sweet spot, the ball won't go as far with wood. But if you hit the sweet spot it has a chance to go just as far. The weight is different, and other things are different in terms of the bat and approach. Also, aluminum bats don't break as often, if ever.

AD: As you look back on your career, what advice would you give to someone coming to Guilford next fall?

RW: Set time aside for your work. Make sure to get your work done in a timely fashion. I procrastinate, but I always make sure get it done and turn it in on time. The tests given really test your knowledge, so you have to try and pay attention in class. Don't get on your computer or text. This way you will be more prepared come test time.

AD: As a geology major, what are your plans for after Guilford?

RW: Right now, I want to start a food-truck business, but I want to try to put it on a pontoon boat and try to make it a "food boat." This way it's easier to travel with it. My dad is a geologist, and it's a nice fall-back option that I can always work for him. With him being a Geologist, I know a lot of geologists and I grew up learning about it, so if the food truck/boat thing doesn't work out, I have a fall-back option. But I really love cooking and love food in general, so that's why I want to try the food option first.


- Alex DeLia '18

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